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At some point, every IT administrator has to start with an IT documentation.

Your situation needs to be analyzed in detail, then a configuration management plan (CMP) can be developed in workshops. This is the order and the required level of detail, tailored to your needs. A data center operator has different regulations than the public sector, the admin of a small or medium-sized enterprise has other concerns than that of a cloud provider.

Then we will work with you in 6 steps to create your perfect IT documentation.

  1. The infrastructure
  2. The network
  3. The servers
  4. The clients
  5. Special case: software and licenses
  6. Applications and IT Services

Many IT organizations have a hundred and more applications running on their servers. Partial contaminated sites (which have not yet been shut down for various reasons), some new (in test mode, which is already half productive). This obscures the view of what "goes anyway", but in truth is the engine of the company. How should one keep track and find out what is "important" to begin the documentation?

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